About Bangalore Environment Test

Thirty years ago Bangalore was truly a Garden City. But even then there were signs that if the haphazard planning which was becoming evident was not ended, and a proper long term plan was not made for ensuring that the natural environmental advantages of Bangalore were carefully dovetailed into the future plans, the city would lose its charm and attractiveness.

A group of enlightened citizens including Prof. Satish Dhawan of ISRO, Prof. V. Radhakrishnan, Director, Raman Research Institute, Capt. S. Prabhala, Retd. Chairman, Bharat Electronics Limited, Urmila Devi Kotda Sangani, Justice Bopanna, Mr. David Lobo, Mr. Zafar Fatehally and some others decided to form the Bangalore Environment Trust. This was registered on 15 April 1987 with the following objectives, among others:





This article on trees capturing particulate matter created by cities to reduce pollution is as a result of an extensive research done by Mr. Michael Graham Richard for TREEHUGGER. Our thanks to him for this excellent contribution.

Hiroo Advani
Trustee, Bangalore Environment Reseearch





Heritage Trees of Bangalore and around

Bangalore Environment Trust at the behest of the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka, has brought out a book on Heritage Trees in and around Bangalore